Terms of Use

The purpose of The Digital Library of Serbs in Romania site is to make little known facts and materials about the Serbian community from today's Romania available to a wide number of visitors from the entire world. Therefore, the posted materials can be used in the existing format. However, due to potential abusive or unauthorised use of the files, we have retained the right to protect most of these files electronically. In addition, the files contain the watermark with the logo of The Digital Library of Serbs in Romania. (The protection does not affect the visualisation of the materials.)
         For access to the "full" file versions (i. e. for further use, publishing, etc.), it is necessary to fill the following form PDF, in order to receive access details to those versions. [The form is also available in Serbian, with CyrillicPDF and LatinPDF letters, as well as in Romanian PDF.] Send the correctly filled form (i.e. scanned copy) at the e-mail address kontakt@dbsr.ro, or by conventional mail at the address from the CONTACT page. We will respond in maximum 10 working days, along with instructions for downloading the requested files.