Welcome to the site of The Digital Library of Serbs in Romania!


Honoured guests,

The DBSR (Digitalna biblioteka Srba u Rumuniji - The Digital Library of Serbs in Romania) project is motivated by the wish of numerous members of our community for saving from destruction (and implicitly from oblivion) rare and unaccessible copies of old books, magazines and newspapers in Serbian language printed on the territory of today's Romania.
          The first initiative related to this topic emerged in the Local Organisation of the Union of Serbs in Romania of the city of Timișoara, when it was decided to first digitise using current technology the existing unique collections of Serbian newspapers from the fund of the Serbian Library in Timișoara. Premises were thus created in order to form the fund of a new virtual library from the newly created electronic copies, as well as to make publicly available the rich editorial opus of the Serbs in Romania - which has its beginnings in the third decade of the XIX century - via this site.
          The content of the site is not limited only to the initial idea (newspapers, magazines and books), but it contains a much brader spectre of materials about our community or that have emerged within our community.
          We will attempt to have the site of The Digital Library of Serbs in Romania constantly updated with various content, so that every time you visit it, you benefit from new and interesting information about the past and the present of the Serbs living on the territory of today's Romania.
          We wish you pleasant and useful moments on our site!

M.Sc. Eng. Dejan Popov, author of the DBSR project